Jul 1, 2013

BAT Blitz on the NEA

Today, right now as I am typing this, the 20,000+ members of BAT (also known as BTA or Badass Teachers Association) are sending a message to the leadership of the NEA.  Emails, calls and twitter posts are being directed at the NEA and their lack of voice against the corporate takeover of our national's education system and the deform of education across the country.

It should be noted that BAT is not attempting to oppose the NEA, but to get the NEA leadership to listen to teacher concerns and stand united behind those issues.

What issues am I referring to?

  • Opposition to the common core
  • Vocal support for teachers to be treated as professionals
  • Discontinue cooperation with corporations that undermine public education (ie Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Pearson, ALEC et al)
If you are interesting in following along or joining in the conversation then follow us @badassteachersa


  1. I'm not on Twitter, but I was happy to go to the NEA website and leave a comment there as well. Blitz on!

  2. Thanks for your efforts. I hope someone took notice of more than just the blitz itself, but the content of what we said.


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