Mar 14, 2013

Legislating the Value of Pi

In honor of Pi day, I believe we should all take a moment to remember just how wise our legislators can be when deciding policy.  If you are not aware of this story, then please follow the link below to learn how Indiana once thought to make Pi easier by making it a law that it equal 3.2.

And just because this happened over 100 years ago does not mean our elected officials are any wiser.
Legislating the Value of Pi - Scienticity: (emphasis is mine)
case of a state legislature in the US attempting to create by law a new value for pi was that of Indiana in 1897
The bill made it through three readings and votes in the House, and its first reading in the Senate. It was evidently seen as of economical benefit, since Indiana would save royalties on the patent, and the legislators proclaimed themselves unfit to comprehend the details of the bill anyway.
Hmm, what recent political moves seem to have very serious economic gains for politicians and/or the state (cough cough charters couch vouchers cough cough).

Now, go enjoy some Pi, er I mean pie.

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