Aug 3, 2013

Students Tell Me Who Is At Fault For School Failure (or Success)

I have given my students a survey for years now.  However, this was the first time I had them submit it electronically, which makes it very easy to share.  We had some technical issues with the computers we were using so only about 30 or so students were able to complete it.  I plan on having the rest complete it at some point, but I found the responses just fascinating and had to share.

The survey was given to me by a teacher friend who received it from another teacher.  I do not know the original author to give credit, but here is the text (this is different than the original version in only that I removed an example portion):
Percent at fault
As you may know, there is a lot of attention focused on how well schools perform.  The performance of a school is measured mostly by how well the students perform in their classes.  So assign a “% at fault” for how well a student does in school. Feel free to add rows of additional parties if you think someone else is responsible too. Remember your total needs to be 100%

Jul 8, 2013

Students' Proposal For Judging Schools

Some Ben Davis seniors pitched their ideas for how schools should be evaluated.  They were in AP statistics and prior to leaving high school they were given the opportunity to present to several people (IN House Ed Committee chair, Bob Behning, to just name one) their propositions to better judge schools.  I encourage you to read the original article, but (as always) I want to point out a few details and (naturally) disagree. ;) 

I am sure they are very smart students, but they miss the big picture and, unfortunately, further fuel the fires raging against the teaching profession.
How A Group Of High School Students Wants Indiana To Grade Their High School | StateImpact Indiana:

BATs Urge Gates To End High Stakes Testing

The BAT association has put the Gates Foundation in their sights.  Bill Gates and his organization have been front and center of the billionaire's club that is continuing to deform our public education with high stakes testing (among other unproven methods).

Jul 2, 2013

Are Higher Ed Takeovers Next?

Attacks on education has overflowed into higher educational institutions some time ago.  Most of the attention that I've noticed have been focused on graduation rates and it makes me wonder what is next.

In Indiana we have a statewide community college that serves more than 100,000 students across the state.  Ivy Technical Community College serves mostly nontraditional students.  Most of these students work full time, or as much time as they can get, many of these students have families, many of these students are attempting to change careers and have not been in school for many years (or even decades).

Jul 1, 2013

BAT Blitz on the NEA

Today, right now as I am typing this, the 20,000+ members of BAT (also known as BTA or Badass Teachers Association) are sending a message to the leadership of the NEA.  Emails, calls and twitter posts are being directed at the NEA and their lack of voice against the corporate takeover of our national's education system and the deform of education across the country.

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